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#4: Urban Legends: Black-Eyed Children/Hell's Bridge

Season 1, Episode 5:

Urban Legends

On this week’s podcast, we discuss two urban legends that are sure you scare your socks off (maybe): Black-Eyed Children (not associated with the Black-Eyed Peas) and Hell’s Bridge. Be sure to listen to the entire episode, because Colton shares a super creepy story that had me too scared to watch anything other than King of the Hill when we finished recording.

The Black-Eyed Children have their origin story in Abilene, Texas, (where we record the podcast) with stories of sightings reported all over the world. Are they demons? Vampires? Some other evil entity? Who knows?! We do know that they don’t glow like Edward and so far there haven’t been any stories of them possessing anyone. Apparently they really like ketchup on their apples and love riding in cars with strangers.

Hell’s Bridge is a creepy ass bridge in Western Michigan, where you can apparently hear the devil’s laughter and see his glowing red eyes in the woods near the bridge. People who visit Hell’s Bridge have reporting coming home with bruises and scratch marks on them that are unexplained and weren’t there prior to visiting the bridge.

Even if you don’t believe urban legends, this podcast will (hopefully) freak you out. Don’t listen with suggestible children.

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